Talent Trends in Manufacturing

In a new article for IndustryWeek, author Dan Charney discusses the talent trends to watch in 2017. It’s become apparent that the field for talent has become more competitive, and that trend will continue. This will cause what Charney refers to as “talent raids,” in which manufacturing businesses will identify and aggressively recruit top talent from their competitors. Be sure to stay on guard against this, and make sure your employees are happy working for you, so they are not ripe for the picking when your competitor tries to contact them.

Charney also thinks there will be more “boomerang employees.” This means more employees will be returning to previous employers after a period of time working at other companies. He thinks that it makes sense to rehire these employees, and that there is less of a learning curve, even if they have to brush up on a few things.

One of the trends developing at the most rapid pace is the need for cybersecurity professionals in manufacturing businesses. Since the manufacturing industry is one of the most commonly hacked of all industries, the demand is growing quickly. “Cybersecurity openings have grown three times as fast as openings for IT jobs overall, and it takes companies longer to fill cybersecurity positions,” writes Charney.

To read more, see Charney’s article from IndustryWeek.

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